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Dolgun Uchaf,
Nr Dolgellau,
Gwynedd LL40 2AB

Cadair Idris
Snowdonia National Park

Idris's Chair

Cadair Idris Snowdonia National Park

Cadair Idris (Idris's Chair) stands at the very south of the Snowdonia National Park. It is the 2nd highest outside of the main Snowdonia Mountain Range, and the 18th highest in Wales. Since it stands alone, it looks and feels a lot bigger than that of the peaks further north. Cadair Idris, like Snowdon, is a classic horseshoe with Llyn Cau in the center of the mountain, and Llyn-y-Gadair to the north.

Well Loved..

Cadair has been a much-loved mountain over 200 years when tourism began, its been a favorite for many famous people that visit the area. It was a favorite of Charles Darwin who visited the area regularly just to take in the views. and who could blame him?

Rhyme and Legend

Cadair Idris is regarded by locals as the Great seat of Poetry, as Legend has it that anyone who chooses to spend a night on Cadair peak will wake either a mad man or a poet. Another Legend is that Arthur made his Kingdom here, hence the name 'seat of Arthur'.

Cadair Idris Peak Snowdonia National Park

Cadair Idris Snowdonia National Park features in many Welsh Legends, I am not sure of how much truth lie in these stories, but one thing is clear to me, and anyone who has visited Cadair will tell you the same.

There is something truly Magical and Mysterious about this Great Mountain.

Rock Climbing

Cadair Idris Snowdonia National Park Rock Climbing

On the North side of Cadair there are some fine rock climbing, ranging from the popular Welsh classic, Cyfrwy Arete (vdiff) to Obsession (vs) and other routes in the higher E grades. There is also Shelter at the Summit if the weather outside isn't so good.

Walking Routes

There are 4 main walking routes up the mountain. From the south, The Minfordd and Mynydd moel Paths. From the North the Pony and Foxes Paths.

Cadair Idris Snowdonia National Park Walking Routes

The Pony Path being the easiest way up, whilst a walk up the Minfordd Path and down the Mynydd Moel path offers the Walker a more strenuous day, but well rewarded with the stunning views of Craig Cwm and the Llyn Cau. Allow around 4-5 hrs for this circuit.

If you are interested in walking this mountain I would recommended starting from Minffordd, although I believe that its a Mountain worth more than one visit - there's far too much to see in one day.

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